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Namibia: The Sheltering Desert

Are you booked on one of our Namibia trips?  Or are you still deciding whether you should book on one of our Namibia trips?  Either way we can heartily recommend you read The Sheltering Desert by Henno Martin.  This fantastic travel/adventure book was written in 1957 about two German scientists who escape into the famed Namib Desert to avoid incarceration into the Germany Army at th...

New hope for saving Indian vultures

First you need to identify there is problem, then determine what that problem is and then convince others that is a problem and that you have a solution.   This is a remarkable story resulting in an unprecedented multi-government agreement....

Our December 2012 Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to Fran of Nobel, Ontario!  What a breathtaking photo of the tigers at the Tiger Preserve in Kanha, India. Want to see the entire family?  Click here.  Or here. Our January contest is open!  Submit your entries to

Travelogue Tuesdays

We are hosting a number of presentations at our office here in Toronto from January 22, 2013 through to the end of May. Come and learn about the destination and tour of your choice from the experts that have designed and led these thoughtful itineraries! Feb 26 Adventures in Culture and Nature - Lewie Gonsalves, Justin Peter - BURLINGTONMar 05 Mongolia and the Naadam Festival - Margarite LowMa...

Folding Airplane Wings?

Many of us have flown on Boeing's 777 to exciting countries around the world.  Building future versions of this comfortable aircraft is an ongoing project of design, engineering and imagination. ...

As the world turns

In the dark. In high video resolution. Produced by NASA. Stunning....
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Maroon Leaf Monkeys taken by Josh Vandermeulen on our recent Borneo tour.

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