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One River, Two Countries, Countless Adventures

By: Melanie Blake
When you think of Cambodia or Vietnam, what comes to mind? Perhaps the majesty of Angkor Wat or the lushness of the Mekong delta. You may picture the narrow tunnels used in the Tet Offensive or the stupas and shallow craters of the mass graves of the Killing Fields. Less likely to come to mind is Japanese-South American fusion food in Ho Chi Minh City or an ever more vibrant literary scene in Phno...

Travelogue Tuesdays in Toronto are back!

By: Laurielle Penny
Learn about fascinating travel destinations from experts and tour leaders with unique knowledge and insights. All presentations take place at our office in Toronto at 491 King St. E. Please join us: Walking the Camino de SantiagoTues., Jan. 20  2-3pm Presented by: Ann Kirkland, Founder of Classical Pursuits and Tour LeaderSouth African nature, KhutzeymateenWed., Jan. 21 2...

We're Coming to Ottawa!

By: Justin Peter
We're hosting two back-to-back travelogues on the natural world of the following destinations: Namibia and Canada's Great Bear Rainforest. Thursday, January 22  7:00 - 8:30 PM Travelodge Hotel and Conference Centre1376 Carling Avenue, Ottawa Refreshments provided Speaker #1: Justin PeterNaturalist, world traveller and Director of Quest Nature Tours Speaker #2: Sherry KirkvoldNaturalist, wo...

We're Coming to London, Ontario!

By: Justin Peter
We're hosting three back-to-back travelogues on the natural world of the following destinations: Madagascar, South Africa and Khutzeymateen. Tuesday, January 20   7:00 - 8:30 PM Ramada Inn  817 Exeter Road, LondonRefreshments provided  Speaker #1: Pete ReadNaturalist and avid traveller  Speaker #2: Sherry KirkvoldNaturalist and geographer   Please...

Top 5 Must-See Monuments of Uzbekistan

By: Laurielle Penny
Great architects through Uzbekistan's history have created palaces, mosques, mausoleums and world famous monuments of ancient architecture. Many of these masterpieces did not survive, but by visiting those which have been preserved, it is possible to glimpse into pages of the unique country's history.Here are our top 5 must-see monuments of Uzbekistan: 1. Ark FortressBukhara's massive for...

South Africa: A Wildflower Odyssey

By: Gary Lewis
They say that before you go to the opera you should first get to know the music at home. That way when you hear the complicated and challenging vocal acrobatics at the performance you’ll recognize the music, get more out of the experience, and enjoy yourself all the more.Well, fellow travelers, you have the opportunity to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime odyssey to one of the most diverse and ...