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Gardening 101 with Gary Lewis

By: Samantha Clark
I'm a novice gardener, but I would like to have a garden. I mean a real garden; not just a place behind my house where random green plants pop up in the spring. Problem is, everything I buy from the nursery looks beautiful when I get it home, then wilts and dies under my watchful eye. Clearly I'm missing something and require some help! I asked tour leader Gary Lewis to share his most recent ...

The Fascinating World of Alice Munro

By: Mary Bird
Pioneers have always captured our imagination. My grandparents left a comfortable home and community in southern Ontario to try their luck at 82 Mile House on the gold trail to Alaska. Though it was lucrative, the pioneers gave up the house. My grandmother felt too isolated in this male dominated outpost. So home they came. There is an intriguing relic of this adventure. It is a roughly shaped...

Highlights of Canada's Great Bear Rainforest

By: Sherry Kirkvold
I cannot imagine being anywhere else in September other than the Great Bear Rainforest. This year Quest has put together an exciting new itinerary that also includes the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary. One of the great spectacles of nature and largest movements of biomass on the planet is the return of salmon from the ocean to their natal stream where they spawn and die. What is both a cradl...

Recommended Reading: Indonesia, Etc.

By: Lewie Gonsalves
Exploring the Improbable Nation  Jakarta tweets more than any other city on earth, but 80 million Indonesians live without electricity and many of its communities still share in ritual sacrifices. Declaring independence in 1945, Indonesia said it would work out the details of the transfer of power etc. as soon as possible. With over 300 ethnic groups spread across 13,500 island...

Book review: Daybreak in Myanmar

By: Paula Swart
Just spent some time with the latest addition to my Burma/Myanmar bookshelf 'Daybreak in Myanmar.' I accidentally discovered the publication fundraising efforts of this book on Kickstarter and liked what I read about the approach to the subject matter of photographer Geoffrey Hiller, who travelled a number of times to Burma/ Myanmar starting in the '80s.   While this is a book of ph...

One River, Two Countries, Countless Adventures

By: Melanie Blake
When you think of Cambodia or Vietnam, what comes to mind? Perhaps the majesty of Angkor Wat or the lushness of the Mekong delta. You may picture the narrow tunnels used in the Tet Offensive or the stupas and shallow craters of the mass graves of the Killing Fields. Less likely to come to mind is Japanese-South American fusion food in Ho Chi Minh City or an ever more vibrant literary scene in Phno...
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Maroon Leaf Monkeys taken by Josh Vandermeulen on our recent Borneo tour.

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